Professional Writers is considered one of the most reliable sources for resumes at reasonable prices. Our good reputation is due to our staff of experienced, professional resume writers. The thousands of resumes that these excellent writers have produced have landed our clients the jobs they wanted, because they are well aware of how to design resumes, highlighting the talents and experiences of our clients in a way that gives them an edge over their competitors

To ensure consistency in the quality of our services, we demand that our writers belong to the Association of Professional Resume Writers. Many have other career certifications also. Recruits we hire also have to pass a test to prove they can meet our exacting standards. Consequently professionals have knowledge and requisite experience to design resumes that will grab the attention of hiring managers.

A further proof of our quality of work is that lots of job seekers have had original resumes, curriculum vitae, cover, thank you and follow-up letters written or edited by us. These documents help job seekers in every career, with varying degrees of experience, get great jobs. Let us help you craft a resume that will get you that dream job!

Meet Some of Our Professional Writers
Angela Stokes
700 completed orders
Angela Stokes is a Human Resources Specialist for the US Federal government, specializing in mid and upper-level staffing. She works with both employees and applicants on how to best present themselves through their resumes and/or cover letters and holds trainings with hands-on demonstrations of best practices. Because Angela is exposed to numerous resumes on a daily basis, she knows what makes a resume effective and noticeable to hiring managers. She enjoys writing and helping clients to bring out their best attributes on paper that they aren't always able to see themselves. Angela is skilled in editing and condensing resumes in order to make them stand out without being overly detailed. She holds a Bachelors degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters degree from American University.
I picked up this writer at random and have never stopped wondering on how I managed to get so lucky. The resume she designed me was seriously amazing! And I got the job!
Jeff Davenport
I have browsed through many resume writing websites, and I believe this is the best one there is. It is amazing the kind of work they have managed to do here and their success rate is impressive also!
Rami Spiegel
If I were to judge you Angela, you know what I'd give you??? A 10/10!!! I got interview invitations from ALL the organizations where I applied for a job!
Ilyas Aksu
I'll admit I was uncertain when I hired Angela to design my resume. Once I had given her all the specifications that I wanted included, she preferred that I let her write the resume in peace for a few hours before I checked up on her. I did not need to keep in constant touch with her, nor did I need too many revisions! She designed a perfect resume on her own!!!
Greg Spiegler
I had applied to nearly ten PR organizations and received interview invitations from 8 of them! I now have the perfect job to help me start off in the right direction in my career.
Heidi Hay
If like me, you have decided to start working again after a long break in employment, you need to get Angela to design your cover letter. The way she glibly explained the break was so superb that I got a great job easily!
Jozi Pizzillo
Angela, you've truly helped me get that job I had been trying for, for the last 7 months! Thanks.
Autumn Jones
I had the good fortune to pick up Angela to design my cover letter. She did such a great job on it that I now have 3 interview invitations lined up for the next couple of days!
Vincent Ferris
Angela, Thanx!!!
Janet Ayala
I had wondered how I would ever be able to get a good job despite my lack of experience. The resume you wrote made it happen.
Youssef Albekeri
I have the job and the resume I had always wanted.
Mohammad Saeed
The resume you wrote was absolutely IT!!! I totally recommend this writer...
Anderson Moore
You're the BEST! the CV you wrote was so great that my hiring manager not only offered me the job and a great salary, but complimented me on the resume I had written!!!
John Dimitrakakis
I had never hoped to be able to get my dream job. You've made it possible.
Victoria L Maxwell
I have to admit, their company and their writers are amazing! Keep up the good work guys! And yes, I got two job offers!!!
Brenda Phillips
Jennifer Rose
670 completed orders
Jennifer Rose is experienced in full cycle recruitment & selection for Information Technology, Supply Management, Land Administration, Office Administration, Marketing, Health & Safety, Oil & Gas field Operations, Business Analyst, Project Management, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Geology, Office Services, Fleet Management, Customer Service, and Health Care. She developed and conducted interview skills training, career selection profiles and resume development workshops to businesses and individuals. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Dalhousie University and Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner, Qualified Personality Dimensions Facilitator, and Certified Human Resource Professional.
I never believed in fairytales. Until I came across Jennifer Rose and Getting them to design my cover letter and resume helped me progress so much and so fast in my firm that now, I know fairytales are real!
Cameron Johnson
Jennifer Rose is a classical writer. I was wary of trying him out to write my CV, but after he designed my CV, I just knew, that no matter what, it would be exactly what would help me get the interview invitations to prospective jobs of my choice. I was not wrong. Rose is truly wonderful.
Greg Pickens
I know you probably get to hear a lot of this Jennifer Rose, but... Thank You! The way you penned my cover letter was amazing, to say the least and best of all, it got me the job I really wanted!
Artemis Fili
I hired Jennifer to write me a cover letter, and I believe that that was the best decision I ever made.
Shuzhuang Jiang
There is only one word I have to describe Jennifer: "SUPERB!!!"
Onzeyue Innocent Okechukwu
I have come across many resume writing websites, but rarely believed in them. I tried out at a friend's invitation. The results have definitely made me a believer in this writer's prowess!
Stefania Maggini
Can't get a job? Well maybe you just need Jennifer to write your CV for you! Her writing helped me get the job I had been trying to get for the last two years!
Michael Riemann
I had never thought I would ever be able to progress in the bank where I am currently employed. Then my wife came across and got my resume & cover letter written by them. The results were amazing! I am now a manager in the firm!
Garrett Butts
Have you tried applying for a job, but met with repulses or silence? I did too, until I got Jennifer from to design my CV and cover letter. Then I received more interview invitations I'd ever thought possible!
Linda D Spector
Carlos Dulin
500 completed orders
Carlos is one of our oldest writers and has been working with us for the last six years. He is efficient, experienced and reliable and the best writer to contact especially if you wish to get a resume designed on an urgent basis. Those getting their resumes designed by Carlos must keep in constant touch with him to ensure that the resume he is designing for them sticks to the facts provided in their original resume. Carlos does an average of 50 orders a month for us. He has a Masters degree in English Literature and the resumes he writes have a flair that cannot be matched.
I wanted to get a job as a journalist and the way Carlos Dulin designed my resume helped me to do just that! Thank you!
Shirley Downey
I am in my late forties and I wanted to change my career and become physician instead of a biology teacher. Although I had earned the required degrees, I had never hoped to be able to switch this late in life. I hired Mr. Dulin to write me a cover letter. Thanks to that cover letter, I am now a physician in one of the leading health institutions of the country.
Candice Moore
@ CarlosDulin: I can only say, "thanks!"
Joel Lewin
Shirley Petty
490 completed orders
Shirley with a MBA degree and specializing in HR Management is certainly one very useful writer. She knows exactly what any prospective employer wants or is looking for in a job applicant. Furthermore, she possesses the happy art of writing a resume from the point of view of an employer. No resume or CV is too big for her. Whether writing for a high school graduate or an experienced executive-level client, she will craft a resume that will get results. Shirley is a perfectionist, and will work on your resume until both you and she are perfectly satisfied, so keep track of Shirley to ensure that you get your perfect resume when you need it!
Thanks to this writer, I have the perfect job to help me take off my career.
Kimberly Goto
Brandon Sanders
300 completed orders
We have a truly huge variety of writers, whose ages are as varied as their skills. Brandon Sanders is one of our older writers whose writing style reflects his love for conventions. Filled with an age-old courtesy, the cover letters that Brandon Sanders designs are true masterpieces, which can be guaranteed to stand out from amongst the hundreds of cover letters placed in front of a hiring manager. Sanders did his Bachelors in Journalism, and so like all other specialists of the field has a happy turn of phrase, and can write excellent cover letters for clients interested in any and every career field. Clients who would like to present a more modern touch to their CVs however, need not fear. If their CV does not please them, they can easily get it revised, for free, to their satisfaction.
I just started my career in the Public Relations field, but I graduated a couple of months back and had no prior experience whatsoever. I hired Mr. Sanders to design my cover letter, resume and the follow up and thank you letters.
Robert Ertl
David Byers
270 completed orders
His degree in International Relations did not just help David learn about the intricacies of international diplomacy. In fact, he did learn how to present his point of view in the best way possible also. Writing CVs and resumes for people interested in jobs in federal institutions or the military are his specialty. He is also great at dealing with clients, and writing a resume full of technical lingo is his specialty. The more artistic of our customers do feel that he gets very literal at times, but if you are one of those, we strongly encourage you to keep in constant touch with him and ask him to give your resume the artistic flair you desire.
Michelle Lea
200 completed orders
Michelle has put all her education as a specialist in Public Relations into her work as a resume writer at our organization. She knows to a nicety exactly how to please a prospective manager, and will definitely pen you a resume that will never cease to amaze you. Her skills have enabled her to write a resume where she effectively highlights her client's positive attributes while at the same time downplaying their weaknesses. Cover letters and resumes designed by Michelle are sure to get the attention of any prospective employer. Clients who would like to have a more technical touch to their resume can easily work with Michelle revising their resume and letters until they are satisfied.
Derek Lee
720 completed orders
Derek Lee is a Lead Technical Writer for a global financial services firm based out of Wall Street. He has been writing resumes on a professional basis for many years. His background as an attorney, engineer, and technical writer makes him uniquely qualified to understand and translate the best qualities of a job candidate on paper. He has expertise writing resumes and curriculum vitae for a wide range of clients, from administrative support personnel to the top leadership positions of Fortune 500 companies. His love of writing and ability to transform ordinary job responsibilities into compelling and descriptive text is why Derek is recognized as one of our best resume writers. Derek holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Juris Doctor degree from Seton Hall University School of Law.
After reading all these recommendations, I decided to approach Hey, it really works! I actually have the job I'd set my eyes on!
Anastasia Biernbaum
I never thought that over 40 and just back from the war zone, I'd be able to get back into mainstream society so soon, and have a good civilian job to boot. Getting my resume designed by this writer altered all that. Now it's not just any civilian job, but the one I'd always wanted!
Pam L. Ortt
I had begun to loose hope in myself and my abilities to ever get a decent job. I never realized before today that it was just my resume that was at fault! Thanks to you, I now have a great job!
Dorathy Offiah and Derek, thanks! I had never hoped to be able to fulfill my dream of joining federal services, but you made it possible.
Mira Willingham
The resume that you wrote for me is literally a masterpiece of art.
Cristian G. Molina
Derek, I don't have words to express what I am feeling... thank you.
Cami Pollack
I wanted to apply for a federal job and I was already late submitting my application. Feeling utterly hopeless, I approached on the very last day... Every day, I thank my lucky stars for taking that decision. I now have that job...
Christine Arruda
Gracias, grazie, danke... and in every other language I can think of... thanks for helping me get that job!
Vishal Brahmbhatt
You guys are amazing! This is seriously one resume writing site that actually works! And I tried two others which charged me a lot more, and delivered a terribly drawn up resume and cover letter!
Charlene Velasco
You've given me hope that with the resume you wrote for me, I actually have a great chance to get a job! I now have two interviews tomorrow! And I think I'll get the job! My CV has got to win the day.
Kenneth Paul Pingatore
I am a person who loves everything modern, so although I was cautious of trying out Derek to write my resume and cover letter, I had a friend's recommendation to back me up. The result I got was a pleasant mix of modern, (my feedback) and conventional (Brandon's input), and trust me, the mix worked. I am now one happy employee!
Edwin G Constantine
Derek, thanks. I know I went after you and bugged you, but the way you always endured all my suggestions and then put them on paper, and got me the result I wanted, was totally amazing! I have an interview tomorrow!!! Thanks again!
Richard Bohn Jr.
Laura Garbers
600 completed orders
Laura Garbers has been working as a resume writer for many years and is an exemplary recruiter. She has long time experience with life and career coaching, cooperatively communicating with people to help them find personal and professional solutions and success. Her strengths are her precision with language and formatting, her collaborative communication efforts with customers, and her dedication to ensuring that each resume is carefully tailored to best match the skills of the job seeker with the targeted position. Her parallel occupation is in the field of teaching, working as a home school teacher and religious education instructor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Education degree in Counselor Education from the University of New Orleans.
Atta girl Laura! Thanks to you, I now have just the right job that I had always wanted.
Charles Clifton II
I think coming to and hiring Laura as my cover letter and thank you letters' writer was the best decision in my life. I am now in an executive at my organization.
Matthew Pilgrim
These days, whenever somebody tells me that they wish they had a better job, but don't think it's possible, I tell them to go to and check out Laura Garbers. After that, nothing's impossible.
Armand Bolduc
I had never hoped to be able to switch jobs at such a late stage in my career. I am happy to find, that thanks to this writer, I now have my dream job.
Armando Santos
Imagine being just a high school graduate and progressing well in your job. Difficult, eh? But this writer designed me such an awesome resume that I am doing just that!
Glen Acosta
This writer has got to be the best on this planet! She designed the "perfect resume" that has certainly got me my dream job.
Carol Gonzalez
Benjamin Jorgensen
550 completed orders
Benjamin is one of the most creative of all our writers at He has the knack of designing resumes and letters that can immediately grab the attention of any hiring manager. A letter designed by Jorgensen is guaranteed to stand out. Jorgensen's specialty is writing amazing cover letters especially for those in the Finance sector. He has done his MBA with flying colors and is very dependable in a tight spot. His cover letters do tend to become very technical and to the point, but clients who would like their letters to have a more artistic touch can easily get their material revised to suit them.
Take it from someone who has tried it, Benjamin is the best person to design your resume for you.
Jerry Reagan
Ann Barfield
320 completed orders
Ann enjoyed an executive-level position in a bank for a number of years, until she decided to return to her first love, writing and working with people. She is one of our best writers, who also get along very well with clients. Working on a one-on-one basis with customers is second nature to Ann as is writing superb resumes and CVs. Ann has got her Masters Degree in Economics and, from having been one of them, knows just what a hiring manager at a bank would look for in the CV or resume of a job applicant. Her cover letters are very different, but clients who prefer more conventional cover letters, can easily ask for our free revisions until they are satisfied with our services.
I can never thank and this writer in particular enough. They made my life!
Ryan Hernandez
John Frazier
280 completed orders
With a Masters degree in Psychology, John's specialty is, not surprisingly, his ability to understand people, and this applies to his understanding of both prospective employers and employees. John Frazier is well-versed at dealing with and understanding clients and designing their resume to suit them and reflect their personalities. Yet he is well aware of employers' expectations from an applicant they would be glad to hire. John's understanding of the nature of hiring managers makes him perfect for the task of writing a resume designed to attract employers. His clients like to keep in close contact with John throughout the time that their resume is being written so that they may closely monitor the progress of their order.
Getting this writer at to make me a CV helped me interview invites from 14 of the biggest institutions in the country! Thank you John!
Nathaniel Lyles
Carlton Oliver
240 completed orders
His convincing style of writing resumes and cover letters is what makes Carlton one of our best writers. Despite his youth, his ability to put his point across makes Carlton Oliver one of our assets. He completed his B Ed. with flying colors. Carlton writes amazing resumes and letters for clients who are in the Entry level of their careers. He is also good at dealing with them and does not mind the number of times clients check up on his progress on their work. In fact, we encourage clients to keep in touch with Carlton via our admin area throughout the time that he works on their resume so that they can check that all the relevant material is included in their finished resume.
Rebecca James
200 completed orders
Rebecca did her Masters in Business Studies. She is a dedicated, writer who enjoys writing resumes that are crisp, to-the-point and full of specifications and details. If you have a lot of information that you would like to convey to a hiring manager, but are at a loss to understand how to put it across in a presentable manner, you may be sure that Rebecca will definitely be able to do it. Once Rebecca has all the specifications on hand, and you have conveyed your preferences to her, it is best to let Rebecca complete your resume in her own style before you ask her for revisions which will turn it into the resume of your dreams. Her ability to write perfect resumes, even with minimum support from clients makes her one of our best writers.