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If you want to make the next big career step towards an executive position, an executive resume writer will help you submit a suitable application. Contrary to popular belief, executives don’t get their positions by invitation. Most companies stick to their standard protocol that works for any other open position: they place an ad and invite all interested candidates to apply. For a position this high, the documents you submit matter more than ever.

The executive resume writing process is focused on showcasing your best qualities and accomplishments. The employers will mostly be interested in your experience. However, the creativity and vision for the future matters, too. Your job application must convey your character. It’s no wonder why the candidates of this level rarely risk writing resumes by themselves. They hire professional writers to craft interesting, but accurate resumes that prioritize their strengths.

Why Should You Choose Our Executive Resume Service?

When you’re ready to move towards an executive position, you should prove you’re capable to cope with the decision-making power it implies. The best executive resume is not a simple list of career accomplishments based on a template. If you check the samples at our website, you’ll notice they are all unique.

You complete against highly accomplished people. You have all accumulated different experiences throughout your careers. The resume will not only list those details, but it will also make them stand out among the competition.

There are several reasons why you should hire professional executive resume writers:

  • They save you a lot of time. At this stage of your career, you’re already too busy with meetings and daily tasks. A resume takes a lot of time to write. Updating your previous resume might not be enough. After all, you’re aiming for a huge step forward. When you delegate this task to pro writers, you can rest assured that they will get the job done on time. You can focus on your daily responsibilities.
  • Writing is our job. Being a great executive doesn’t mean you have to be a great writer. Maybe you’re not a native speaker or you have a problem writing about yourself. Our writers are trained to complete resumes that work.
  • You will receive 100% unique content that has never been delivered to another candidate. It’s based on your own guidelines. You can’t get such a level of uniqueness by following a template.

About Your Executive Resume Writer

When you’re ready to pay for executive resume services, you must be wondering: who’s providing them? Will you get a randomly chosen writer who knows nothing about your industry? That may happen with other services. When you rely on Resumes Planet, you work with experts. Each of our resume writers is qualified for a certain area of study.

When writing resumes for executives, our writers research the specific industry. They will write in appropriate style that insiders understand. They will make you look like an attractive candidate by mentioning specific challenges that you’ll help the organization to overcome.

You will be in direct contact with your writer all the time. They will craft your resume in accordance with the requirements you submit in the order form. If you have additional instructions, you can feel free to submit them. You can also ask the writer to update you on the progress.

Although you’ll collaborate with premium writers through our service, you’re still paying an affordable price. The job applicants who choose our agency get the best value for their money.

Set Your Own Deadline for Executive Resume Writing Services

Did you notice that we allow you to set a deadline for your resume? If you talked to an employer and they asked for your resume, you can get it ASAP at our website. If you have more time, you’ll get the most affordable price by setting the deadline of 5 days.

Resumes Planet is an executive resume writing service that plays by your rules. You set the terms and we meet your standards. Let a talented, experienced writer help you reach your career goals! We’re available 24/7, so you can hire us any time.

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Customer reviews

  • Samanta
    Samanta Thomson
    I never realized how much I was missing from my CV until I saw what you produced. Even now, I am kicking myself thinking of the things I missed. I am very grateful for your work and I will tell my friends.
  • Boris
    Boris Ibragim
    I am very happy with the outcome. Your revision process was excellent and your writer really showed me that they were interested in delivering a high quality product. I am extremely pleased with the attitude, commitment to service and attention your company has given to my order. Thank you very much!
  • Frank
    Frank Legend
    It's not easy to write a decent CV when you don't know exactly what employers are looking for. I spent ages on mine and still wasn't happy with it. But these guys seemed to know just what to write.