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Jan 25th 2016
Nov 30th 2011
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How to Start the Week

Your brother called it Monday Blues, and you hated him for it. He knew you too well, as you became glum every Sunday night. Monday would be your least favorite day. And you often looked forward to Friday. You weren't looking for a new job, you insisted many times. You wished you were in the university, with a slightest worry on your coursework. (You don't mind the secretary of the English Department glaring at you after you missed the deadline for the third time. You wrote your paper well enough, so you don't mind the deduction. And how right you were.) But those days were gone.Read more...

How to save for a rainy day

You envied your colleague, who was planning his holiday in the Mediterranean. After watching "Mid-August Lunch", he thought of riding the vespa in the deserted streets of Rome. It would be awesome, and he hoped to meet a bombshell. You were jealous, but something dawned on you. He had been part of the company for the last five years, while you were hired last spring. You smiled at the thought of reaching your first year (in the office), but you became crestfallen afterwards. You haven't saved anything at all.Read more...

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