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  • 5 Ways to Turn a Career Break into Job Success

    Chris Evert decided to take a break from the women's tour in 1980. Martina Navratilova was gaining the upper hand in their rivalry. Tracy Austin, then tennis prodigy, was beating Evert and Navratilova in the (North American) hard courts. Evert got married to British player John Lloyd the year before. The Boca Raton, Florida native, who was nearly invincible on the clay courts, wanted to dominate the sports again.

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  • 10 Effective Ways to Avoid the Bad Case of Mondays

    Redbooth, a maker of workflow management software, and Priceonomics, a data-focused marketing studio, analyzed two years of data from hundreds of thousands of employees. The results revealed that Monday mornings at 11 AM would be the peak of productivity. It may surprise many professionals, as Monday would be the most consistently derided of days.

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  • What is the Most Important Feature of a Resume?

    Most first-time applicants have a hint, but they wouldn't know the significance of this feature. Those who have been working for years could be thinking of their work experience, where they would be selective about the information that they put in their resumes. They have a point, but they need to recall the definition of a resume.

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  • 10 Must-Do Things for the Best Office Christmas Party

    It's that time of the year, one more time. The office is about to hold a Christmas party, but you don't look forward to it. If you really want to attend the happening, then you won't think of an excuse. (And it's usually a lame one.) Familiarity breeds contempt, it ain't so. You didn't set aside a fraction of your salary for Christmas presents and (expected and unexpected) expenses. You dread the crowded places. It might turn out to be different this time. Perhaps you need to play an active role in the preparation.

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  • Dec 5th 2017

    5 Tricky Job Interview Questions - and How to Answer Them

    You have a job interview, and you're looking forward to it. You did your research on the company, which you hope to be working for. You practiced your responses (to the possible questions), and you did it in front of the mirror. You took notice of your body language, making sure that the recruiter would see your confidence, enthusiasm, and positive vibes. It doesn't guarantee a job offer, though. You must be prepared for those tricky (job interview) questions.

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  • Nov 28th 2017

    5 Things You Must Do Before Accepting a Job Offer

    Moms (or single women) need a checklist before going to a grocery store. Schools issue checklists to ensure the safety of students. You must have a checklist when you're applying for a job. You'll need it when a company has a job offer for you.

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