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  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're on a Career Crossroad

    A career crossroad doesn't mean that you should consider a job change. You're about to make an important decision, which you could take advantage of it or not. If you want to go in the right direction, then you must spot the signs. The first (and foremost) sign would be knowing when it's high time for a change. It doesn't happen overnight, not even months. It's a matter of years. A frightening thought, as you may wonder what has happened to the years that you put your best effort.

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  • How to Create a Vibe Everyone Wants to be a Part Of

    A happy employee looks forward to the working week, feeling the positive vibe in the office. Is it possible? The answer is yes. It takes time and money to create a positive vibe in a company, but it's worth the investment. After all, employees aren't asking for a salary that would match their skillset. They want inclusivity, where their ideas would be heard and weighed heavily. Furthermore, they yearn for a working environment where their hard work would be rewarded with activities that foster camaraderie. (Your effort deserves payback.)

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  • You Got a Dream Job, But You Can't Stand Your Colleagues

    The only thing you can control is yourself. It would take a few decades before most people grasp the meaning behind it. Alas, time is not a luxury in a professional world. It's not uncommon to see someone getting a dream job, by sheer luck, effective self-promotion skills or both, and end up unhappy after the probationary period. Blame it on insufferable colleagues. You must not adopt a passive mindset when you deal with this problem. After all, you want long-term satisfaction in what you're doing. Everyone does. You must ask yourself if this would pass.

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  • Not Enough to Do at Work: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

    There would come a time when you don't have enough to do at the office. Whether you become too good for your position or circumstances put you (and your colleagues) at a disadvantage, you have no other choice but to stay motivated. And it's a real struggle. This is not uncommon in a professional world, no different from an employee who is struggling to be enthusiastic about a job for five years or more. (A professional's civil status is hardly a factor here.) You must take a risk, which is not an option at all.

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  • Sep 17th 2018

    How to Build Your Business Without Causing a Mutiny

    It's natural to be restless, giddy at times when building a business. You have high hopes, also having to spend long nights on planning about it. You have made sure that you have all the details, which guarantee success. Not really. The same thing applies to a company that has been running for years. There would be a mutiny.

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  • Sep 12th 2018

    Why You Must Stop Worrying About Choosing Wrong Next Job?

    Whether you're a newbie in job hunting or a professional looking for (career) opportunities, it would be hard not to worry about your next move. Are you ready to take the leap? You can prepare for it, becoming obsessive compulsive to a certain extent. You won't be really ready at all, though. It's not your own doing, as there are factors that are beyond your control. Make an ample preparation, and keep on reminding yourself that your knowledge, as well as your awareness of your skills, should make you confident during the job interview.

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