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  • Employee Satisfaction: Looking Beyond the Dollar Sign

    Employers have different ideas on employee satisfaction. It can be taking team building to the next level, also thinking of creative ways of decorating (or renovating) the office. It should ensure productivity, yet employees might see it differently.

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  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Interviewing a Job Candidate

    Employers believe that the job interview is the most important part of the hiring process, so it's important to understand the logistics of the interview. One of the reasons is the interview process not only takes place in the office and in person (or one-and-one interview between employer/recruiter and potential employee). As of today, most interview processes include the phone, Skype, and panel interview. These three can be convenient for employers/recruiters and potential employees, saving lots of time and money along the way.

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  • What Must a Good Workplace Look Like in 2019?

    It's a brave new world, which wouldn't allude to a reading list (from your college days). More and more professionals prefer remote work, and a background check would highlight diversity. Let's see if both could result to a good workplace. The old (working) days are notable for the 9-5 schedule, and a strict adherence to dress code. If you're a fan of "The Office", then you might wonder how employees handle the humdrum. They might have grown with Stan Lee, they may not.

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  • 10 Things You Must Do to Ace Your Skype Interview

    Remote work is a reality, and recruiters (or employers) would prefer a Skype interview. It's a convenient set-up if the recruiter (or applicant) can't arrange a meeting in the same room, and it happens when one is far from the other. It also applies to business-to-client kind of business, where it won't make sense for a recruiter (or applicant) to do long-distance travel. It does make the job interview more convenient, right? Not.

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  • Oct 25th 2018

    How Many Work Mates Do You Really Need (to Make You Happy?)

    You won't answer the question, as having no work mates would be one of the defining features of American culture. It has something to do with our fierce independence. It has been depicted in popular culture countless times, with Paul Weitz's "In Good Company" as a good example. (Is it hard to imagine a boss living in the office due to marital problems? No. Is it hard to imagine a boss befriending an older colleague? Yes.

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  • Oct 11th 2018

    5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're on a Career Crossroad

    A career crossroad doesn't mean that you should consider a job change. You're about to make an important decision, which you could take advantage of it or not. If you want to go in the right direction, then you must spot the signs. The first (and foremost) sign would be knowing when it's high time for a change. It doesn't happen overnight, not even months. It's a matter of years. A frightening thought, as you may wonder what has happened to the years that you put your best effort.

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