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Jan 25th 2016
Nov 30th 2011
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What are you looking forward to this summer?

I saw "Room at the Top" the other weekend, and it made me sad for hours. It was about a young man from a working-class background, who wanted to make it big. There was nothing wrong about it, but some people looked down at him. They don't like a social climber. And their impression didn't change when he dated the daughter of a friend of his boss. She came from a high place. To make a long story short, he married this girl and he managed to make great strides in his career. But he found out that life at the top wasn't what he expected all along. It was hard to tell if he was lonely or saddened at how he changed.Read more...

5 ways to use "No" more often

You were taught about asserting yourself at a young age, as being cooperative would make you look like a wimp. After you received your B.A. degree, you learned that if you didn't take your needs seriously, then no one would. You became exhausted and irritable during your second year, such that you became disinterested in attending parties.Read more...

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