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  • Is a Part-Time Job a Career Opportunity or Means to an End?

    A part-time job means everything to a college student, as a steady source of income could ease the financial burden. It doesn't matter if it's a meager amount, as any sum is better than none at all. A professional doesn't see the same thing, as a part-time job can be seen as a conflict to the primary job. The same professional may have other needs, which the first job couldn't provide. Dilemma comes sooner or later.

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  • 10 Best Work-At-Home Jobs for the Job Hunters

    You're looking for a job, and you're working on a limited budget. You're too embarrassed to ask your parents one more time. Your friends are avoiding you on this matter (or so you think). The sun is not going down on you. Yet. If you still have that can-do mindset, which has helped you beat the deadline to your college essays, then you won't have to cry for despair. If you're a passionate individual, then you can channel it to somewhere else. Think of a work-at-home job.

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  • Should Employees Be Allowed to Sleep During Working Hours?

    If you're coming from the East (or have been assigned there), then sleeping at work is not an issue at all. You might have second thoughts after boarding the Tokyo Metro, on your way to Odaiba, where you may want to see the replica of the Statue of Liberty. A visibly-tired employee, who seemed heavily asleep during the train ride, would distract you, though.

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  • Why Your Inconsistent Income Needs Consistent Planning

    You may not be life's lottery winner, like a Hollywood celebrity, but you're getting by. As a matter of fact, you thank your lucky stars for the number of clients that are coming your way. You decided to become a freelancer after being part of the rat race for several years. Your ex-colleagues thought that it would be better to stay longer, but you wanted to turn your vocations into steady sources of income. Writing would be one of those trades. You've been in the freelancing business for almost three years, aware that you couldn't put all your eggs in one basket. You tried coding and marketing. You may not have enough funds to buy a house, yet you're thinking of going back to college. It should make your resume more competitive than the other applicants.

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  • Jun 26th 2018

    5 Tips to Guide You from College to a Job, and then to Career

    "The Incredibles 2" is riding on the waves of the Me Too movement, becoming the top-grossing animated film of all time. Director Brad Bird may have thanked his lucky stars for the perfect timing, but obsessive Pixar fans would notice something else. The sequel to "The Incredibles" also pokes at the relevance of superheroes in modern society, probably an attempt to deflate the huge balloon hanging over the Avengers (and their villains). Adult viewers can also relate to the Parr family.

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  • Jun 19th 2018

    Why Are You Always Late for Work (and How to Resolve It)

    Tardiness is not uncommon among employees. The usual reasons are waking up late (or not sleeping early), traffic, and unexpected happening(s). These reasons don't have to follow in that order, but it's been the case with a number of professionals. Frequent tardiness, if not a habit of coming late to the office, can be due to psychological factors.

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