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  • 5 Character Traits That Help You Get Ahead in Your Career

    School would teach you that knowledge is one of the things that can get you ahead, but you wouldn't realize it right away. You're not taking your assignments seriously until the moment of procrastination. You rather be part of the pack until you found out that they won't be around when you're preparing for an examination. Some might be lessons learned the hard way while you'll feel fortunate not to experience what your coursemates have gone through. It doesn't matter how it happens, as you'll learn those lessons again in the office.

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  • 10 Skills That Bosses Want to See in your Resume

    It will take thirty seconds for recruiters to look through your resume. Some bosses would need twenty if they urgently need a qualified applicant to fill in the vacant position. You wonder if it could be possible for them to make a judgment in such a short time. Yes, without a doubt.

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  • Your Salary History: How Much You Should Tell?

    It's a dreaded question during the job application process, and it has nothing to do with the gap hole(s) in your work history. Should you reveal your salary history? Absolutely not. It's supposed to be that way, but the job application is like a game of poker. There's a moment (or two) when recruiter will bluff you. Either you return the favor or tell your previous salary right away. It's not advisable to choose the latter because history would show that women earn less than men.

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  • Top Five Things to Do After Your Interview

    The job application doesn't end after the job interview. Here's a dilemma: Show interest or move forward. If you show your interest, then you have to perform a delicate act. How can you show your interest without sounding desperate (for a job)? On the other hand, moving forward can be interpreted as indifference. You might have been shortlisted for the vacant position, but your silence could change the recruiter's mind.

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  • Sep 19th 2017

    Money or Something Else: What Do You Want From a Career?

    Do you want a job that you love to do? Do you rather receive a bigger paycheck? Both questions tug most employees such that they are unhappy in the workplace. It's not hard to pinpoint the possible factors. Getting up in the morning would wear them out in the long run. They may have a higher salary, but they are struggling to deal with the stress that comes with more responsibilities. And they spend more time working than doing something else.

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  • Sep 5th 2017

    Why You Lose Your Ambition in Work as You Age

    French actor Maurice Chevalier once said that “old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.” He wasn't referring to death, not even ailments afflicting elderly people (e.g. arthritis). It could be U-bend, where adults would redefine their definition of happiness. It won't be the ones who just got their college diplomas and the yuppies who weren't thinking of settling down. Yet. The term would apply to the thirty-something professionals who have lose their ambition in work.

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