Is It 6:00 PM Yet: 10 Reasons Why You Can't Relax

You have a job that you can't complain. Yet. You have a small circle of friends that you can rely on, and you have a good feeling about your workmates. (One or two might be part of your network.) And your parents admire your tidy apartment. It should have been a perfect life, but something makes you anxious. Why do you keep on checking the time?

You're not the only one feeling that way. As a matter of fact, there are professionals who have been successful in maintaining a work-life balance for years. They seek therapy, though. If you're a young professional, then you might not have outgrown attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It's not a mental disorder as you think, as it's more of hyperactivity and impulsiveness that are commonly seen in children. Some teens are lucky to overcome those seemingly destructive traits, but you're not one of those youngsters. There's no need to be frightened if you've noticed those signs in your recent behavior, suggesting that ADHD would carry into adulthood. The causes could be psychological in nature, if not emotional at times.

Let's look at the different reasons, and what you can do about it.

You Can't Calm Down, But You Can Practice It

You're a workaholic. If you insist that you're fine, then you must be working very hard. You must be commended, but you might be forgetting your own well being. When is the last time you have gone out with your friends? When is the last time you have talked to your parents (or sibling)? When is the last time that you take a break? It's time to go on a holiday, and you have earned it. Don't worry about the money. Health matters most.

You're spreading yourself too thin. There are too many agendas in your planner aside from your regular job. You like the thought of getting busy, which can be the best therapy at times. This might lead to exhaustion, which can affect your focus and performance in the workplace. It will be better to sit down and take a breather. Do it twice, if not several times.

You're not mindful of what you drink (and eat). You might getting panicky at the tasks that are coming your way, such that you have a few cups of coffee. You should know that too much can't be a good thing. The same thing applies to sugar. There are instances when you have to do nothing at all. Pause while you remain on your seat. Recall what you have done, and be proud about it. Don't move a lot, as you conserve your energy for the remaining tasks.

You're dissatisfied. It might be your space (in the office), which doesn't seem conducive for productive work. It could be the place that you're renting. It may be commuting. You can ask your supervisor if it's possible to give your spot a personal touch. It should inspire you. The same thing applies to where you live. You might want to wake up earlier than you used to.

You're not where you want to be. If it's related to your career, then you may need to consult your family. A colleague may not be a good option, as news fly fast. (Your boss might not like it.) If pep talk didn't help you, then you must evaluate your career options once more.

You're wishing that you have more control. This is a tough call, as controlling can do more harm than good. On the other hand, less control might lead to some things that you would regret later. If it has something to do with office tasks (or errands), then plan it ahead. If your colleagues are concerned, then show consideration. Make sure that you value their input.

You're unhappy (or so you think). It might be high time that you get off the market. Your friends could help you.

You're lacking patience. It's a common trait among younger people. You can start practicing it by becoming more responsible about your spending habits. Make sure that you can set aside a fraction of your salary for future needs (or emergency). It must be your daily needs over what you want. If it's about the people you know, then ask yourself if you're too good for them.

You're not seeking help. The best people have a supportive team behind them. Don't be ashamed to seek help.

You're not dealing with ADHD properly. You might have to consult a physician if you're unable to control the symptoms.

One More Word

Relaxing is not only a good thing, but it's what you need to hold on to your job. You should also do what you love while you're outside the office. It's another form of relaxing (aside from taking a break). It's important that you address all levels (or symptoms) of anxiety, which can be a stumbling block. You might need to do it while having a sun-kissed moment. Don't take a picture and post it in your social media account, though.

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