How to Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Office

You're supposed to act like a professional in the workplace, but befriending a colleague does happen. You're supposed to do your duties (that is outlined in your job title), but there are certain days that can distract you a bit. Christmas, which seems ages ago. Easter, which is not far away. Let's not forget Valentine's Day.

You can tell that no one in the office will bring a mistletoe (and hang it), but there are other ways to observe this occasion. You must show discretion especially if you have a crush on someone. If you don't fancy anyone, then you must do your best to look at the 14th of February no differently from the other days. (Your birthday might be an exception.) And never think of a present to your boss. (You don't want to be perceived as sucking up to your superior. Your colleagues might take it against you.)

Celebrating Valentine's Day is not the same as celebrating Christmas. You won't get uptight and stressed out as the big day is getting closer. You should learn to smile, and probably laugh about what might happen during the 14th.

Here are the Simple Dos

Avoid social media at all costs. Not that you don't want to acknowledge your friends greeting you on Valentine's Day, but you've been preparing for this day (whether you're single or dating someone). If you're in the market, then you might react to those PDA photos (or posts). It might ruin your day.

It's time to show more affection to your pet. If you have a cuddly dog, then this is the right time to show how much your fur baby means the world to you. (And don't mind if your pet is too sleepy to lick your face.) If it's a cat, then it will be better to keep the door and window(s) closed. You don't want to lose sight of your kitty.

Don't forget to greet your neighbors (and strangers). It will be similar to a scene in “(500) Days of Summer”, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is over the moon (and dancing to “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates). You might not get smiling faces in return, but it's the thought that counts the most. You'll feel good about it, which can carry through the rest of the day.

A casual conversation can brighten up the day. If you don't know a thing or two about your colleague(s), then this will be the perfect time to initiate a conversation. You don't need to brush up on your lessons in Romanticism, as you can keep it short and simple. (Asking your workmate about how the day had started would be good enough.) And don't forget the greeting.

A rose will do. Make sure that you'll think of all your female colleagues. Being selective can lead to office gossip. (It can hurt you in the long run.) One rose will be fine. (You might be spending beyond your means if you're being too generous to your colleagues.)

Any team-building activity that will make you closer to your colleagues. You should have planned it, as you can't think about it on Valentine's Day. (If you'll do it in the office, then you must tell your boss about it.) There's no need to be overly creative about it, as it can be simple (and touching) as your most memorable moment with your partner. If you're single, then family/friend(s) will do.

Get out (with your friends). If you're thinking of drinking after working hours, then consider what may happen on the 14th of February. It's the middle of the working week, and there might be pressing tasks to be finished the next day. You might want to do it quick OR you can dine (with your workmates) at a restaurant not far away.

Treat yourself. You can think about a hobby that you have forgotten a long time ago. You must do it if you don't have a pet, you have no plans with your friends, and you're alone.

Watch a movie. “How to be Single” might not be recommended for the occasion, as you don't want to be reminded of your singleness. On the other hand, you don't want to revel on blood and gore in “My Bloody Valentine”. (No one forbids you to try the Valentine's Day dance.) If you're a huge fan of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, then this is the right time to relive their bubbly romantic comedies. “50 First Dates” is highly recommended for everyone (including those who are still in the market).

Stay in a hotel. Guilty pleasure, without a doubt.

Far From the Madding Crowd

If you don't believe in the spirit of Valentine's Day, then you can plan your getaway during this time of the year. A skiing holiday will be perfect, but you might want to think twice of traveling to South Korea. (Watching the Olympics may be out of your reach.)

If you don't pay attention to your surroundings, then make sure that you're not insensitive at all. Someone might be hurt without your intending it. You can leave the office early, and sleep it off. It's not Friday. Yet.

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