10 Topics that You Shouldn't Discuss in the Office

Justin Bieber is engaged to Hailey Baldwin, which might be mentioned during a conversation among colleagues. It could happen during a break, far and away from the prying ears of your boss. You might suspect your superior to be a bit interested in gossip, possibly a momentary respite from the strenuous tasks, but you wouldn't know. After all, there are unwritten rules on what shouldn't be discussed in the office.

There's nothing wrong about conversation during working hours, as the monotony of the job could be tedious to anyone. The most diligent employee won’t be immune to it. Don't be surprised if workmates could end up gossiping during certain times of the day. It wouldn't be a good thing, even if you overheard your female colleague about wanting a bob haircut (after seeing the photos of female celebrities who have joined the trend). It could be used against you. If it would be about you, then you may be forced to say something.

What topics are considered taboo in the office?

The Signs of the Divulgence Disease

Your political views. The Trump era should make this one on top of the list. If you haven't learned from the recent episode of "The View", where politics pitted host Whoopi Goldberg against guest Jeanine Pirro, then change the topic (of conversation) immediately. (It's OK if you're not a fan of the talk show. This is an illustration.) It's not wise to speculate on the next presidential elections as well. Besides, the warm summer days should prompt you to talk about other things. Reruns on TV perhaps.

Your religious views. It can be a contentious issue unless a number of your colleagues have read "Children of the Corn". If one of them happens to be a huge fan of R.E.M., then it would be safe to talk about anything but the literal interpretation of the band's hit song.

Drinking habits (and other recreational activities). Your college days are behind you, but it doesn't forbid you to reminisce about foolish moments. Do it at your own place (when you talk to your college buddy on the phone).

Your personal life. It's possible that one of your workmates could become your only friend. The friendship may be a lifelong thing, which is well and good. However, sharing personal information could disrupt your focus on the tasks. If you happen to be the kind of individual who must be passionate about something, then please be reminded that such information has no place in the office.

Relationship problems. A breakup would make you unhappy, which could affect your performance in the office. On the other hand, a problem in the relationship would distract you. It may (or may not) disrupt your focus depending on the tasks on hand. Work is the best therapy, so forget about it for a while.

Medical issues. Your boss may be genuinely concerned about your well being, but don't keep on bringing it up. No one likes excuses especially if it's crunch time.

Finding your favorite spot in the office. It might not be the right time to request for such a thing if you're a newbie in the place. If the desired spot is occupied, then you might have to make the most out of your place. Mind over matter, if not put a bit of personal touch on your table. Your boss won't mind (if you ask permission).

Paycheck. This could be a ground for termination, as a comparison would lead to strife in the office. No one wants envious workmates especially if you're the one in question.

Negative feelings. There are three ways to deal with it: Talk about it, resolve it, or leave it. Make sure that you address your concerns to the right party, which doesn't include your closest workmate. (Gossip could be used against you.) Resolving means you have made an effort to deal with it in a professional manner. (It might be related to one of your tasks. Deal with it.) Leaving means one (and only) thing: You're thinking of looking for another job.

Interview for another job. There's no point in updating your workmates about your search for another job. This may rub off them the wrong way. You want to leave on a good note whether there's an issue or not. (You better resolve it before you decide to call it quits.) You may not have any love left for your boss, but believe that he (or she) would wish you the best.

What Must Be Talked in the Office

Any shortcomings could be discussed lightheartedly. (If someone doesn’t know a thing or two about self depreciation, then show a bit of sensitivity.) It may not be a wise thing to discuss work during your break, but you can learn about common interests. You may plan a gathering, which should foster camaraderie. If Thanksgiving is fast approaching, then talk about the occasion for as long as you can. Someone might have to do the call of duty during the holiday. Plan a Thanksgiving dinner in his (or her) behalf. The same thing applies to Christmas. You could gain a friend (or another one) from there.

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