10 Skills That Bosses Want to See in your Resume

It will take thirty seconds for recruiters to look through your resume. Some bosses would need twenty if they urgently need a qualified applicant to fill in the vacant position. You wonder if it could be possible for them to make a judgment in such a short time. Yes, without a doubt.

These people have many things to do, and they might be stressed when they're looking at the resumes of applicants. Moreover, the job ad specified the particular skills that they are looking for. You won't make it to the shortlist, if not the top of their list if you let them make a guess. A good resume is one page long, and everything that the recruiters/bosses want are found in it. A second page won't hurt your chances, but composing (a resume) requires planning. You can't include anything you want, hoping they will like you (after reading through your resume). It comes down to ten.

These ten features will reveal your skills that recruiters/bosses are really looking for.

How Many Have You Got?

Good communication. Your writing skills should be a good gauge of this skill. You must review the proper use of punctuation marks. Short sentences will do, as you must be direct to the point. And always use the active voice. (It will show your initiative.) You can ask your friend, preferably a Grammar Nazi, to proofread your draft. This is not the time to take criticism personally. (You will be grateful to your buddy if you get hired for the job. It will be better to treat this special person, who would go out of the way for you.) If you can't find one whom you respect (or trust), then you can visit your college one more time. Your tutor would be glad to look at your resume. You might want to request for a mock interview.

Planning and organization. How you market your skills will show your level of organization. You'll flunk it if you didn't modify the resume that you have sent to another company. It does make a lot of difference even if you're targeting companies from the same industry. Do a thorough research on the firms that you want to be a part of. Know the key players, if not try to understand the vision that drives them to succeed in their field. Find out their strengths and weakness(es). Limited time won't be an excuse. (If you want it, then there's no reason to find ways.) You're thinking of presenting your work experience in a chronological manner, but you have nothing to lose if you try a different approach. It can help you stand out from the other applicants. The bigwigs have a very limited time, so it will be best to put a short summary of your work experience on the top of your resume.

Attention to details. This will suggest your level of competence, and the numbers are your best bet on it. This is all about your achievement, and how it can put you in the best light. Give a number instead of clichés. On the other hand, don't exaggerate your figures. (They might ask for more details. You didn't prepare for it. Fibbing may hurt your chances.)

Drive. This may confuse you, as you wonder how a piece of paper can show your motivation. There are three things that can give you out: The orderliness of your resume; the convincing tone of your summary; and how you sum it up. The last one would prompt you to add a second page but think carefully about it. You may overdo it, thus you would be deemed as overqualified for the position. If you review your work experience, then you should know what details must be found on the second page (of your resume).

Stress tolerance. Your responsibilities will indicate your ability to deal with stress. The more tasks you have done, then the greater chance of making it to the short list.

The Following Skills Are Also Important

Teamwork. This is what the organization is all about, and your description of your achievement will show this particular skill. It's not about validating your "team player" status, but rather learning other skills. Multitasking can be a plus factor, as some companies may not have the time to train you (for other skills).

Leadership. Some may not be born to be a leader, but you can't be a passive employee all your life. You have shown your initiative at some point in your career, if not your willingness to do more than what is expected from you. It wouldn't go unnoticed unless you prefer to be the silent, dedicated worker. It may not be good especially if you're aiming for a promotion in the immediate future. There's no room for modesty.

Self-awareness. Your ability to know your worth can get you hired in an instant, as many employees don't know their best traits (and how to capitalize on it). Many don't have a clue about what they really want to get out of life and the weaknesses that hinder them from it. Spend some time alone, as you think long and hard about it. And then you'll write your resume.

Creativity. There's no template for a resume, the one that will guarantee a call (for an interview). On the other hand, trying too hard to be creative about your approach can confuse recruiters. No one might hire you.

Professionalism. This is not the right time to show your feelings. Yet.

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