10 Things That Every Millennial Must Do This Summer

You hate every stereotype about millennials, but you've been it doing for months. Getting your news mostly through Twitter. Obsessing over the perfect filter for your Instagram photos. And mulling over your mother's friend request on Facebook. You're not even admitting that you're suffering from FOMO, which your colleagues have noticed it. Your boss may talk to you about it, but there's no need to get to that stage. Summer is fast approaching, a golden opportunity for the likes of you.

Your college mates, whom you still keep in touch, have already planned out their summer. They can't wait for another sun-kissed moment, yet you're not green with envy. You have been thinking of the things to do this summer, which should be a life turner. After all, you won't be a millennial forever. You'll settle down soon. You need to think about your future.

You're hoping that your plans will make you enthusiastic about work more than ever.

A Must-Do List for Millennials

You won't renew your subscription on Netflix. Your workmates have been debating on the future of cinema. Some like the theater experience while others prefer Netflix. You didn't join in the conversation, as you don't want to tell them about your addiction to streaming media. It causes headache, not to mention your apparent isolation. You need to get out of your place. You haven't seen your parents for a while. And you realize that a mundane moment might be more significant than a gripping episode of "A Series of Unfortunate Events".

You're going to love the outdoors. It seems like a silly resolution, as no one wants to endure the sweltering heat. It doesn't mean that you must be out there when the sun is high. Invest your time in brisk walking, but do it on early morning. You may want to go to the park and savor the scenery. It can brighten up your mood. The next item has something to do with it.

Spend more time on exercising. You notice the love handles, which shows that you have neglected yourself for some time. If it's not related to work, then it may be something else. You may be missing your old mates, and social media is the only thing that keeps you in touch with them. A change in routine is needed.

You won't Snapchat every moment of your life. It might have to do with a colleague who goes on a holiday every summer. You wish for a selfie in Paris, if not a Snapchat in Amsterdam. You have priorities, though. You don't want to be left behind, so you pose a picture of your bookshelf containing hard-to-find titles. No one in the office is asking you about it, not even your former coursemates. It seems likes eons ago.

No need to rely on Uber anymore. There are a couple of instances that you snap out because Uber cancels on you. A fuss over a trivial thing, which worries you later on. If you don't live that far, then try walking. Humidity might be the perfect condition for long walks, which you won't be able to do that much during colder days.

Spend more time on reading. If you're a B.A. English graduate, then you surely must recall your career options that you have made during your final year in college. You want to try your luck in authorship, but you need to pay the bills first. A sensible choice, but you have forgotten it. If you haven't outgrown your fondness on Young-adult fiction, then you might not have a copy of Rick Riordan's latest book, "The Burning Maze". You can also attempt to pen a whimsical short story on your uneventful routine during weekdays. Be observant. Try to smile more to the people you frequently meet along the way. And don't be afraid to start a conversation.

It's high time that you attend a training course (or seminar). You don't want to suffer from career stagnation, if not left behind. Someone in the office might recommend you on something.

Rediscover your hobby. A distraction might be the only thing that you need to put a spark on your working life. Make sure that it won't disrupt your routine. If it can help you earn a bit, then it will be better to do it during weekends. You have to talk to your boss about it, as there must not be any conflict of interest.

Be a guest at your colleague's place. No one forbids you to be friendly with your colleagues, but WiFi might be the only reason that you visit their place. And stress may lead you to freak out when you realize that you left your mobile phone at home.

Talk about nostalgia for a certain decade. You might be too young for it, if not there are more important matters that you need to tend to.

Your Own Private Sanctuary

If you haven't made up your own list, then it means one thing. You're going on a summer holiday. You earn it if you've been working hard for months. You can think about your resolution after you come back home.

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