10 Must-Do Things for the Best Office Christmas Party

It's that time of the year, one more time. The office is about to hold a Christmas party, but you don't look forward to it. If you really want to attend the happening, then you won't think of an excuse. (And it's usually a lame one.) Familiarity breeds contempt, it ain't so. You didn't set aside a fraction of your salary for Christmas presents and (expected and unexpected) expenses. You dread the crowded places. It might turn out to be different this time. Perhaps you need to play an active role in the preparation.

There's a certain risk in letting your hair down in the presence of colleagues, which can affect their perception of you. Life in the office won't be the same, without a doubt. There can be unexpected difficulties, but you can't be scared of what is yet to happen in your workplace. Besides, you've been hoping for an informal setting. You like to enjoy the company of your workmates, even for a few hours or so. Your Christmas party is the right venue.

You're thinking of something similar to after-work drinks. Someone will suggest it on a Friday night. It might not be a good idea, as you're hoping the event will last for several hours. There are other means, which you can suggest right now.

How to turn a long evening into a memorable one

Rooftop soirée. The previous Christmas party was held at the office while the event happened in the bar two years ago. A change in venue is the only way to keep up the interest, but you're having second thoughts about the rooftop. After all, winter is just around the corner. (Some states have witnessed snowfall.) You don't have to dine in the (open) veranda if the (suggested) venue will be held at a colleague's house. If it's not too cold, then have a (quick) drink. You might suggest a game of limbo (dance), even dare your boss to do it. (Nothing will be taken against you.) If you prefer a formal setting, then you can try the rooftop building, where your office is located. A city light skyline will be the perfect backdrop for your party.

Ugly sweater contest. Watching the proud Mr. Darcy wear one (in "Bridget Jones's Diary") would prompt you to suggest it. Someone might back out, but all you need is a gentle persuasion. Everyone needs a good laugh over an awful design. No one will mind to have a photograph of it and post it on Facebook. It might work in your favor after the Yuletide holiday, but you don't want to have high hopes.

Play the game of white elephant. Scrooge is not allowed to participate in this game, as this will reveal the most generous colleague in the office. There's a catch, though. (Someone might fancy another one's gift and "steal" it.) This is the kind of game where one a bit of cunning is needed if there's drawing of lots. (If you don't have a clue, then you'll find out after the game has started.) This is supposed to bring out a barrel of laughs from everyone, so don't take it hard when your cherished gift ends up in someone else's hands.

Karaoke Night. James Corden's Carpool Karaoke is the inspiration behind this one, but you don't need to rent a limousine and belt out your favorite tunes. Find the nearest music bar. Don't drink too much unless no one minds an evening of out-of-tune numbers. "Name that Christmas Carol" can be an alternative.

Bring a mistletoe. Someone in the office likes another one, but office duties come first. A mistletoe will confirm it, and you must be always ready for a quick shot. If it happens to be you, then you might have to take a long leave from social media. (You don't mind being the butt of jokes on Instagram, but it will sting a bit.)

Two truths and a lie. There's no need to be scared about playing this game, as you're not compelled to tell your darkest secrets. You only have to tell the worst Christmas present you have ever received. It will be another hilarious moment but think twice if that present would come from one of your workmates. (It might be a good time to fib on this one.)

Funny Employee Awards. There's no need to be competitive in this game, as you have to recall the amusing moments during the busy year. You don't have to be serious about it, even show what an onion-skinned individual you are. Laugh it off, as some might forget it after having too many drinks. If your boss remembers it, then you can comfort yourself with the thought that you won't be fired anytime soon.

Answer the Christmas questions. It will be a piece of cake if it has something to do with movies set during Christmas Day. If it's a Jostein Gaarder novella (about the Nativity), then you might be a good sport (and let someone else win this game).

Twelve Days of Christmas Fun. It may be inspired by a popular (Christmas) tune, and it doesn't mean that you must go to the bar after office hours. It can be as silly as throwing of snowballs to Hallmark moments (like sharing your heartwarming Christmas moment with your family).

Private dining. This might be the right time to showcase your culinary skills.

Here's a thought

You may not be required to attend an office Christmas party, but you must do it for several reasons. Any social gathering will be good for your well-being. Nothing will be taken from you if you want to have some fun. (And an unexpected kiss, under the mistletoe, can be a bonus.) Any demonstration of your talent may bode well for you sooner or later. And there's nothing like having a drink (or fine dining).

Lighten up. Go enjoy yourself. Don't drive (when you have many drinks).

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