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Your resume will be distributed to 100 job sites, and you'll automatically get more invitations to interview without any efforts from your side. Click here to get this service

Or you can distribute it yourself. Below you can see the list of 10 top job seeking sites, with the best database of job search engines.

America's Job Bank - almost a million job leads in their database. You can search for jobs or post your resumes. Free.

Best Jobs in the USA Today - jobs databases, corporate profiles, resume posting, and a career resources store.

BilingualCareer.com - where bilingual job-seekers (English and at least one other language) can search job listings (by language, location, industry, keywords), post your resume, and find job interviewing and resume preparation advice. Free.

CareerBuilder - a combination of help wanted ads of the nation's leading newspapers and job listings from the Web sites of leading employers. The site also includes many other resources. Free to job-seekers.

Career.com - lots of job opportunities, searchable by company, location, and discipline. Also lists jobs for new college graduates. Free.

Career Exposure - a collection of more than 80 career categories with job postings on the site's client company's Human Resources Web pages.

Careerjournal.com - a fantastic resource that not only allows job-seekers to search for job opportunities, but also has a wonderful collection of articles and resources that job-seekers will find most useful. From The Wall Street Journal.

Career Magazine - information and career resources for job-seekers... you can also search for jobs and post your resume! Free.

CareerShop.com - posting resumes into a resume database, searching job listings, retrieving jobs matches, listing career fairs, and providing career advice. Free.

CareerSurf.com - jobs in a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada and post your resume. Search by keywords, job category, and location. Free.


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