10 Things That Every Millennial Must Do This Summer

Summer should be an opportunity to turn your life around IF you happen to feel the rut these last few months. If you're too young (to understand such a thing), then you might wonder if there's more to your routine. You may be too old to chase an ice cream truck. You're getting tired of indulging in Netflix. And you won't dare risk your job by searching for the best cocktails in town. Your colleague is excited about the FIFA World Cup, but you're not. (You're bummed that the US didn't qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986.) You can start thinking about your future by pondering what to do this summer.

You won't be a millennial forever, and you must pay attention to your spending habits sooner than you think. Do you keep up with the Joneses? If you do, then it could be more than being the materialistic kind of person. You must not be ashamed if it goes deeper than that, as anything can be resolved if you acknowledge it. And you're willing to swallow your pride (and seek help). If you do not, then there's something to look forward to the hot days.

It's Now or Never

Take a stock of current happenings.;If you're not fond of staying out for a longer period of time, then you have a good excuse to stay in your air-conditioned room. You can tap into your altruistic side and search for volunteering opportunities OR assess your work-life balance. Are you happy with your job? If you do, then don't be afraid of answering another question: Do you see yourself in the same company in five (or ten) years? It might be too early, but you can recall your so-called life in the office. What you'll discover will lead to the next item.

Learn something new.;It seems impractical to learn a foreign language unless you've heard your boss talking about a mouth-watering (job) opportunity on the other side of the Atlantic. Keep in mind that what you'll learn should increase your chances of promotion. If this is not what you're thinking of, then it can be the next item.

Indulge in your hobby (or hobbies).;You haven't explored the shopping mall not far from the office. It turns out that there's a wooden platform in the lower-ground section, where the mall owners offer anyone the chance to perform live. You sing Marvin Gaye's hit tunes, and you think that you can carry "What's Going On?" well enough. But you found out that you're singing in front of people who have ordered their food and drinks. You must be really good at distracting them from meal time. If you don't dare to fail (on your first attempt), then you might consider other options.

Expand your network.;You don't have to ask your boss (or colleague) about upcoming seminars. Watch a baseball game. Organize a family reunion. Get in touch with your college (or high school) buddies. Something might come up.

Run (for dear life).;You admire the African runners with long limbs, who have been dominating long-distance running for decades. It inspires you to join a fun race. Can you finish a 5K run? Your workmate is egging you to try the half marathon, and you're about to accept the challenge after you notice what seems to be love handles. You can prepare for it for a month or more depending on your fitness level and dedication. You can throw caution to the wind (and register sooner) or you can train for the season and try it during fall. It's up to you.

Do your body better.;If you're too lazy for running, then there are other ways of staying in shape. And you notice that you're getting exhausted after walking for thirty minutes or more. You can spend more time in the gym. It will be better to bring along your fitness-crazy colleague, who will motivate you to sweat it off.

Time to spend less.;If you relish the colder months, then you have many reasons to be a homebody. It doesn't mean that you're letting too many opportunities pass you by, as you're focusing on saving on the rainy days. This would mean that you won't go on a holiday on a whim (after you found out that a colleague is going to the Caribbean). If you've been eating out frequently, then you might want to learn how to prepare your own food in your own kitchen. You also want to save time (and money) by doing the laundry at home. The list goes on.

Strive to be a finance-literate individual.;It's more than keeping an eye on your spending habits. It's all about exploring financial opportunities without thinking of quick buck. You must be aware that this route might be too perilous to you. (You might end up broke sooner than you suspect.) Ask anyone in the office. If you're too embarrassed to ask such questions, then you seem to have something in mind for a good investment. If you love Lego blocks, then you must have some items in good conditions. Do a research. Appraise how much you can earn in five (or ten years). The other reason has something to do with the following.

Pay your debts.;You might have been using your credit card often, not keeping tabs on your spending. Put a stop on it, if not pay in cash. The reason has something to do with the following.

Start your emergency fund.;The earlier you prepare your retirement days, the better.

The Final Word

You're young, energetic, and have lots of days ahead of you. Try to be active as much as possible. Be spontaneous. If you love your shell, then go out once in a while. You can go out more (and do more) this summer.

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